Welcome to Think Zeusss

Think Zeusss Lighting, a Hong Kong based company established to make the world a better and brighter place by bringing you the best of cutting edge technology and innovative designs.

Global warming and green house gasses are growing issues that are causing a catastrophic effect on many lives around the world and putting the fate of our children at risk. Think Zeusss is one of many leading companies that are stepping forward to save our planet from disaster. By working hand-in-hand together we can overcome the fatal effect of global warming.

Our highly qualified research and development team carry out extensive research in energy saving and LED lights to reduce harmful CO2 emissions and keeping the carbon foot-print as low as possible. Our range of energy saving lights not only save the planet but also save money because of the longer life, lower running costs and producing more lights and less heat. Think Zeusss Lighting provides advanced energy efficient solutions for all segments: road lighting, office and industrial, hospitality and home. With our exciting new lighting applications and technologies such as LED technology we are able to provide attractive benefits and endless new ‘never-before-possible’ lighting solutions.

Every client is special to us! So to keep you satisfied we have joint collaboration with a leading state of the art factory that employs 500 workers, has 100,000 square/feet of workshop and a production capacity of 50,000 solar lights and 100,000 energy saving CFL, FTL (Fluorescent Tube Light ) lamps per day. In addition our management system, quality control and customer service has never stopped nor will stop bringing you the best of everything.

Think Zeusss Lights, Making today bright for a brighter tomorrow.