Why Choose Us

Who Are We?

Think Zeusss was established with the aim of providing energy saving and green lighting. We produce and market lighting products with the latest technology. Think Zeusss is the answer to those who are looking to save money on energy.
The energy produced by means of non renewable sources is more expensive and therefore, its consumption by means of activities of all types is due to rationalize. Among others, LEDs are one of the most direct new sources of illumination that saves energy and therefore contaminates the environment less. It is considered that 35% of the world-wide consumption of energy is from LED lighting systems.

What Do We Do?

We specialize in lighting systems, offers a wide range of lighting products, successfully providing solutions for all areas of activity: industrial, commercial, public, home use etc.
We also think about the daily client, offering a wide product range to replace their traditional light bulbs, and a large innovating assortment for decorating homes and businesses.
We are dedicated to protecting the environment, all our products being 100% ecological.

Why Choose Us ???

We offers turnkey solutions for all your lighting products.Think Zeusss offer complete light planning studies We have a competent team of professionals which deliver services and products at standards that will meet your highest expectations
Think Zeusss invest in R&D and always offer the latest and most advanced technology available on the market With our products you save money and you make our world a better place

What Are Our Objectives?

Completly “green” lighting solutions
Focus on customer needs and expectations, by providing a diversified portfolio of quality products
Improving services offered to our clients/partners
Constantly improving and expanding the range of products
Intends to become a leader in public lighting as statistics predict LED technology will see a great development given the fact that forecasts warn on significant increases in electricity costs.